Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibits are an excellent platform and venue to expand your business development into new markets, galvanizes repeat-existing customer relations and acquire new clientele. Whether your goal is to launch a new brand to the market, highlight your company’s achievements and/or diversify your exposure and disseminate your company’s message and product information to the world – Menras maximizes your company’s exhibit/trade show presence and representation by creating ideal stands to match your needs. With our finger on the pulse to best optimize your results, we welcome pushing our own limits procuring out-of-the-box innovative solutions and technologies to guarantee this. When it comes to exhibitions, we are limitless and our in-house production guarantees consistent, high quality for all scales of exhibits.

Menras specializes in accomplishing your exhibit and trade show objectives in implementing and executing innovative ways that best showcase your product.

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The following are among the few aspects, roles we master for you:

  • Showcasing New Service or Product Launch
  • Designing competitive ways to draw new attendees into your booth
  • Unique and groundbreaking graphics with eye catching images
  • Creative ways to optimize traffic through latest technologies
  • Pre-show invites and creating incentives for attendees to visit your booth and maximise traffic and exposure
  • Explore social media, the show website and other digital means to raise awareness of your presence
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Strategizing your representation on best entering a new markets
  • Retaining Current Customers
  • High-level giveaways that show leverage retaining your current customers and your appreciation. Project managing a hospitality event to further encourage business.
  • Recruiting New Employees: quality staff selection for your booth to best represent an infectious enthusiasm that best represents your company.
  • Book any talent, entertainment for hosted tine-in hospitality events.
  • Schedule photographer and/or videographer to chronicle exhibit / trade show

We not only envision and deliver an attractive and attention-grabbing display, but our focus is on identifying clients’ goals and how they measure their ROI and ROO in designing something attractive and more importantly, functional in achieving the said goals.

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Events & Experiential Marketing

Creating the perfect event is very challenging and cumbersome for many. At Menras we take great pride in our event management (inception, project management, on-site management and coordination. Our world class quality, competitive technology, techniques and cost management that our services provide guarantee perfects results to our clients.

Whether it be an event attended by ten people or one hosting 5,000, our expertise leave nothing to chance, constantly on the cutting-edge of implementing, unique, groundbreaking ideas procuring events that resonate an indelibly-ingrained quality leveraging your brand’s voice and extending your marketing goals and R.O.I. long after.

The following are among the few aspects, roles we master for you:

  • Event management
  • Project management from concept to fruition and final on-site execution.
  • Event coordination
  • Identifying goals and identifying, creating unique ways to peak attention and generate a post-event word-of-mouth campaign that leverage the goal of the even after all is said and done, strategizing the client’s marketing mileage
  • Design, coordination and on-time delivery of marketing collateral and giveaways
  • Compilation of gift bags and promotional items
  • Key incentives to generate interest, excitement, participation and interaction between attendees
  • Attendee invitation process commensurate with clients’ goals for said event
  • Scheduling photographer and/or videographer to document event and compile marketing material for post-event use

Interior Fit Outs

Menras proudly celebrates international acclaim for the design and manufacturing of our most unique, functional and goal-serving exhibit interior fit outs. With use the latest technology from leading manufacturers in not only guaranteeing highly unique environments, but design them to best serve your goals.

We understand and pioneer on best representing your office’s image as the face of your company to external visitors. The internal environment we design, manufacture and install for your employees and clients offers the most competitive concepts, trends, technology and implementation. We invest great detail to customize interior fir outs tailored towards your needs and your desired representation. With our in-house production and key relationships with local and international suppliers we can guarantee a fully customized office setup that quantifiably suits your needs. From a meeting room or waiting area to a full office configuration, we are ready to create your unique design and bring your office to life in most vibrant ways that encourage optimum results on your marketing and business return.

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Our world-class and globally-competitive interior fit outs optimize the best representation of our clients’ brand. We focus on visualizing the essence of your products at international trade shows and exhibits. We pay great attention in understanding a given client’s product and desired effect / message they want invested within the audience. Understanding the client’s “story/message”…and the “story/message” of any given marketed product, is our proven expertise. Choosing Menras to create your exhibit needs is a powerful investment that will incrementally explode your R.O.I and R.O.O, leveraging your marketing budget as the best possible investment to make in guaranteeing your business development growth.

We excel in:

(list the roles and tasks through inception/concept – manufacturing – installation – teard-down)

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Conferences / Seminars / Workshops / Professional On-Going Education Training

We don’t only project manage from concept to final fruition, but execute on-site deliverables, giving you the luxury and peace of mind that no stone is left unturned and any last-minute trouble-shooting is resolved, leveraging your advantage and delivering the world renowned, high calibre in experience and results that is synonymous with Menras. Whether it be a small workshop or a conference attended by 5,000, we address, project manage, resolve and deliver the best and pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations.

The following are among the few aspects, roles we master for you:

  • Conference coordination
  • Speaker selection
  • Securing sponsors and exhibitors
  • Venue contract negotiations to leverage ROI
  • Conference coordination
  • Onsite coordination
  • Marketing collateral
  • Promotional giveaways, raffles, designing incentives to promote interaction and networking
  • Finalizing food and beverage requirements with venues
  • Scheduling transportation
  • Manage hotel reservation bookings
  • Compilation of attendee conference materials
  • Securing and scheduling on-site staffing
  • Design and create signage
  • Secure and finalize all audio-visual needs
  • Schedule media
  • Prepare official press release to be disseminated to targeted media outlets and organizations, post-event

Creative Content Development

Creative content that does not only surpass anything seen before, but focus on creating trailblazing content galvanizing our client as front-runner. Our creative content is geared at being campaigns that focus on offering the quantum in diversified opinions accommodating a demographic as far and wide as today’s globalized audience demographic demands by addressing the most compelling issues any given client’s industry is while emphasizing the viability of new advertising modules that subsequently ignite new business – forever securing an entrepreneurial role optimizing any business’ R.O.I. and R.O.O.

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Planning your big day… Our team of experts knows what it takes to plan a dream wedding, we work with you hand in hand; we are open to your unique ideas, providing you best themes, artistic set designs photography, food and all that you need.

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Video & Media Productions

Video Marketing Is Worth It
Many times people don’t realize that there is a problem in their lives until a successful marketing campaign comes along and educates them. Whether that value comes in the form of higher ROI for B2B companies or in another form is no matter.
People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see.
The stats don’t lie:

  • 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns
  • 84% are using video for website marketing
  • 60% are using video for email marketing
  • 70% are optimizing video for search engines
  • 70% will increase spend on video
  • 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business
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The sooner you start using video in your marketing, the sooner you can leverage its power to establish thought leadership and trust in order to attract, qualify and convert new customers to your brand as well.
Our experienced in-house team provides competitive, quality video production workflow. The success that predetermines the outcome is what happens before the camera starts rolling. We excel in our pre-production, planning and logistics phase of a video project. We finalize the magic before it gets recorded. Understanding our clients’ vision and premise is crucial.

We help you:

  • Define your ideas, audience and target market. Your audience is more than just one costumer, so building buyer personas is a very important process. This refines the effectiveness and results of your final video. We craft your video message to your buyer persona: what they find entertaining or funny, and how the product or service relates to them.
  • We help clarify your message. Don’t try to explain what you do, sell your service, and bring up a case study all in the same video. A tailored video with a specific message and a specific goal will be much more effective in the long run.
  • Determine your budget, so we best manage your expectations. This allows us to produce the highest quality with what they have available.
  • Write and revise a script. Your script guides the video and the tag line. This helps us discover features that increase viability of going viral.
  • We optimize exposure and leverage the reception of your message by getting to the point within 8 Seconds. You will loose your viewers within the first eight seconds if their attention wavers, considering the average attention span is 9.5 seconds.
  • We create your storyboard, your shot list – which predetermines the variety of functions, lenses, tripods and slider that will optimize your final video – as well as your production/shooting schedule and a call sheet
  • Depending on your needs and budget, we will offers options for Studio and/or Location contingent to your end-user expectations and deliverables.
  • We Visit all Locations Ahead of Time, even if it’s a studio so we preview each “scene” and update your shot list with actual pictures.
  • Line Up Your Talent and will conduct line-readings and rehearsals to best familiarize your talent with locations, dress, directions, etc. Pre-production is the best time to recast if necessary.
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Print Productions

Our in-house expertise offers the highest project management and execution on all print productions and their respective life cycles. Not job is too big, nor alternatively too small for us to deliver in its best possible quality. We specialize in all aspects of the printing and design process guaranteeing that your project, requested product prints as well as it looks on screen. We create healthy files that print with no surprises, guaranteeing a highly professionally finished print job. Whether it’s a business card, brochure, or multipage magazine and or signage.

We manage:

  • Communications, both with designers and printers – paying attention on how to best leverage your costs, quality and expectations in terms of choosing the correct paper, inks, colors, and fonts for your project; and correctly lay out your documents in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Communicating with your printer
  • Understanding the type of printing that best serves our clients’ needs: letterpress, sheet-fed, and more
  • Handling corrections and alterations
  • Managing press checks
  • Giving our clients to choice of quality by presenting custom-made decisions on how color space and paper stock affect printing
  • Finishing: folding, trimming, die cutting, and embossing
  • Working with fonts and graphics
  • Editing resolution and color in Photoshop
  • Laying out print pieces in Illustrator and InDesign
  • Preflighting designs
  • Generating PDFs
  • Refining PDFs in Adobe Acrobat